About the Foundation

ICARE is a ‘Non Governmental Organization’, Operating for the sole purpose of Skill Development and Empowerment of Women across Pakistan since 2011. ICARE’s core initiative is to empower through technical education and to leverage capacity building through transferring skills to the under privileged so that they can prove themselves as productive units of the society and bring stability to themselves and work for prosperity for self and for those around them.

ICARE focuses on uplifting ‘Quality of Life’ through Sustainable Empowerment. ICARE intends to make a genuine and positive difference in the lives of individuals it comes across and hopes that our effort(s) would grow in magnitude with more partners joining us for this righteous cause. ICARE aims to help cross the line permanently for the women through tools and skills that help them sustain for their biological lives with pride and without dependence.

ICARE recognises the importance of Women in a Society, their count in the population bank, the importance of their articulation and their impact through their household units that can ‘keep on track’ the little clusters that either contribute or deduce from the ‘National Momentum’. We are of the Opinion that ‘It is mandatory that women become pro-active participants in mainstream economic stream(s) because that is the only genuine | sustained path to a more stable, strong Pakistan’. 



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